The development of the baking industry speeds up the manufacturing of related machinery and equipment

Editor:m6官网 │ Release Time:2017-06-07 

According to authoritative statistics, in 2016 the global baking industry scale, my country ranked second in the world with 25.182 billion U.S. dollars, second only to the United States. At the same time, China's baking industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with a compound growth rate of 11.93% from 2011 to 2016, which is ahead of the top five other four countries in terms of market size. In my country, bakery products are rich in categories, including traditional Chinese desserts and pastries, Western cakes, bread, biscuits, etc. Among them, the bread industry is developing at an amazing speed.

It is reported that my country's bread industry has maintained double-digit growth for several consecutive years, and the growth rate is stronger than most industries. According to statistics, tens of thousands of bread production enterprises in my country have obtained food production license qualifications. However, the industry is extremely fragmented, the future concentration degree needs to be improved, and the chaotic state of the structure needs to be changed urgently.

Currently, the two modes being implemented in the bakery industry are the central factory processing and wholesale mode and the chain store operation mode. In view of the current situation, industry professionals believe that the central factory processing and wholesale model has high profitability and significant scale effect, which is more suitable for the current development stage of my country's bakery enterprises in the national expansion period. In the future, through the central factory processing and wholesale model to achieve national expansion, occupying a higher market share, squeezing weaker competitors in the industry, corporate reputation and brand power can only be improved to achieve industry concentration.



In addition, based on the current situation, relying on diversified channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and e-commerce, the central factory processing and wholesale model is more likely to sink to second and third tier cities to achieve national expansion. Industry insiders compared the current central factory processing and wholesale model and chain store business model with the development of Nagasaki bread in Japan. They also believe that the deep integration of the two models is a major direction for future development, and if you grasp this direction, you can compete In an advantageous position.

There is no doubt that baked goods have entered a heyday of development, and the future glory can already be expected. One thing that needs to be mentioned in the baking industry is baking equipment. "Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well." Compared with other foods, the baking industry has very high requirements on tools and equipment. For example, a small electronic scale must be convenient and accurate. If the measurement appears a little Mistakes will affect the quality of the final product. Small electronic scales are so important, let alone large ovens.

In the baking process, a lot of baking equipment needs to be used. First, some simple gadgets, such as electronic scales, egg beaters, rubber spatulas, stainless steel cooking bowls, blotting paper and cooking paper, etc.; second, professional equipment, such as ovens, baking machines, bread machines, tunnel ovens, cake machines, etc. , Biscuit machine, shaping equipment, mixing equipment, cold storage equipment, etc. In the central factory processing and wholesale mode, assembly-line processing and production are the most basic. Therefore, professional and efficient baking equipment and production lines are an indispensable part of this production.

Although my country's baking equipment manufacturing has made some achievements, there is still a big gap compared with foreign companies. For example, the technology content is not high, the added value of the products is low, mainly low-end products, most of them are at the low end of the value chain, the research and development capabilities are insufficient, and the production model has been imitated for a long time. Often fall into a vicious circle of low-price competition. For this reason, large-scale enterprises must take the lead in working towards high-end products and strive to improve the level and competitiveness of the domestic baking machinery industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises must pay attention to specialized production, be more refined and stronger, work hard to improve management, improve technology, improve product quality, taste and competitiveness, and strive to enter the high-end equipment enterprise team. At the same time, the industry's innovative research and development must be paid attention to.

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