Maintenance of food baking equipment

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As we all know, the products produced by the bakery industry are seasonal and seasonal. For example, producing cakes for the Spring Festival, zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival, and moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. After the peak production season, bakery food manufacturers should repair and maintain the processing equipment in time for reuse. Here, the author makes a few suggestions on the maintenance of baking and processing food equipment for colleagues' reference.

1. Recognize the characteristics of baked goods production

The processing equipment used in the bakery food industry is becoming more and more advanced. Through the use of high technology, production efficiency is improved, energy consumption is reduced, added value is increased, food safety is ensured, and food nutrition and flavor characteristics are maintained. After high-tech is applied to bakery food processing equipment, the performance of the equipment has been greatly improved, and new equipment and new products with higher technical content and more humanity have been continuously introduced. These equipments are highly efficient, using electromechanical integration technology and optical, electrical, hydraulic, and automated control technology, etc., replacing intermittent production equipment with continuous production equipment, replacing general production equipment with specialized production equipment, and replacing large-scale production equipment Small and medium-sized production equipment enables the production line to realize continuous production, specialized operation, automatic adjustment, large-scale operation, etc., and significantly improve production efficiency and economic benefits. With regard to the processing and production methods of bakery products, more and more companies have shifted the focus of quality assurance from the traditional inspection of the final product to the control of key control points in the processing process. The purpose is to: First, reduce processing The occurrence of errors in the operation process minimizes man-made or equipment errors in the food processing process; the second is to prevent operation under unsanitary conditions, which may cause pollution or quality deterioration, and avoid the mass production of substandard products. Loss. One of the mainstream technological development of bakery food processing equipment is to adapt bakery food processing technology to the full-process control requirements of quality and safety. Meet the quality and safety requirements of bakery food, starting from the equipment itself, so as to achieve the safety of food processing and products.

2. Pay equal attention to maintenance, give priority to prevention, combine planned maintenance and preventive maintenance

The maintenance of baking food processing equipment must adhere to the policy of "equal attention to maintenance, prevention first, and combination of planned maintenance and preventive maintenance". For example, daily maintenance work such as refueling, cleaning, adjustment, tightening, and corrosion protection should be done after shutdown. Check and maintain the easy-to-maintain parts and key parts. Clean the exterior thoroughly, check the wear and tear, and replace the wearing parts. Add oil, lubricate and clean. Adjust the matching clearance of each part and adjust the braking force. Fasten all parts. Check the reliability of various safety devices and steel wires. Implement dynamic management according to the degree of wear and damage of processing equipment. Important parts and parts should be disassembled for inspection and maintenance in time. Repair or replace worn and damaged parts. The serial number of paint and spray printing equipment must be standardized. Through timely and effective maintenance, to ensure the applicability of the performance of baked food processing equipment, the reliability of the system, the stability of operation, the safety of man and machine, the harmlessness of the environment, the rationality of the structure, the economics of technology, and the management Normative.

3. Leaders attach importance to, clear division of labor, and implementation of responsibilities

Doing a good job in repairing and maintaining bakery food processing equipment must arouse the great attention of business leaders, and do not hesitate to take manpower, material and financial resources to make this work a major business for the enterprise, and pay close attention to it. The maintenance of bakery food processing equipment is different from the maintenance of general processing equipment, because in addition to meeting the safety requirements of general processing equipment, food processing equipment must also ensure that the processing equipment itself guarantees food quality and safety. Safety and health are better than economic benefits. In the maintenance of processing equipment, safety and health are the key elements of maintenance. When safety and health technical measures conflict with economic benefits, priority should be given to safety and health requirements. Without safety and health, it is impossible to bring economic benefits in a practical sense. Therefore, safety and health should be the top priority of maintenance. We must firmly grasp this top priority, formulate a practical equipment maintenance plan, and strictly implement it in accordance with the plan. In the whole process of processing equipment repair and maintenance, the leadership should pay attention to it, the division of labor is clear, and the responsibility is fulfilled.

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